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Pasture Sprayer

Pasture Sprayer

Key Benefits

Narrow Transport Width


Hauling the Fast pasture sprayer down any road will not be a problem. Fast designed their pasture sprayer with a 8' transport width.







Powder-Coat Paint


When you make an investment in equipment, you want it to last, which is why Fast's equipment is all finished with baked-on powder coat paint. Powder coat paint gives equipment great resistance to harsh chemicals, which leads to a longer life and better resale value for you.






Tank/Boom Features



Select the tank that fits your needs, Fast pasture sprayer tanks are offered in either 250 or 300 gallon capacities.








Boom Sizes


We realize every farming operation is different, so that is why with the Fast pasture sprayers we offer booms in two sizes: 25', 30', and 40'.







Breakaway with Fore and Aft Movement

We know mistakes can and will happen in the field, which is why all Fast pasture sprayers are equipped with a breakaway that has the capability of two-way movement. We have designed our break-away so it is light weight yet extremely durable so it will be able to stand up to being bumped into fence posts/obstacles.


The Hypro 6500C PTO 540 4 roller pump is the standard pump on all pasture sprayers. This pump is field proven, durable and sure to have a long lasting life.


The Fast pasture sprayer has a smaller boom than the Fast trailer sprayers so the pasture sprayer is excellent for spraying in hard to reach areas or field corners. It is also ideal for rescue spraying as well as spraying along fence lines. A boomless option is also available for the pasture sprayer that utilizes two broadcast nozzles mounted on the back of the equipment.